Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution extends your Oracle® Cloud Solution

PaaS is a solution allowing us to build new Cloud applications that extend the functionality delivered in your Oracle Cloud applications. As a result, it brings a seamless solution to enhance your business needs and Oracle investment.

We work with our existing Cloud clients to identify product extensions that provides the right solution.

Why should you talk to us?

  • We are developing many PaaS applications including:  Immunisation, Health and Safety, Fitness and many more.
  • We recognise the potential of PaaS and consequently we have undertaken several proofs of concepts
  • Committed to delivery and we work with our strategic partner, eProseed. eProseed is a development company, specialising in PaaS and they create stand-alone solutions in Europe.
  • We won UK Oracle User Group Partner of the Year award for ‘Emerging Products’ for our PaaS4SaaS capabilities.
  • Certus has more Oracle Cloud implementations than any other Oracle partner

How can PaaS support and drive your business forward? watch this video with Tim Warner, Chairman at Certus Solutions interviewing Ian Carline, EVP Product Development:

Immunisation is our first solution being developed and it is part of our engage.protectrange of products.

To help you understand, why immunisation is so important for your company, please click on the images to take a closer look and to show you why immunisation should be part of your corporate programme: