Cloud is different so it needs to be approached in a different way

Take a look at the differences between On-premise and Cloud approaches to understand which solution is best for your business.


Driven by requirements:

  • Waterfall approach to delivery
  • Designed for customer processes – not standard best practice
  • Average implementation timescales 12-18 months
  • Large Project Team, onsite throughout
  • High level of customization
  • Large volume of documentation
  • Significant level of change management required
  • Implementation time 12+ months on average
  • High volumes of testing needed
  • Higher levels of training required due to custom approach


Solution driven approach:

  • More agile prototyping approach to delivery
  • Pre-configured build and accelerators reduce time to implement
  • Results in more rapid time to value, implementation time on average 16-20 weeks
  • Small project team, with time onsite (and therefore cost) reduced
  • Incremental approach to adoption
  • Modern best practice processes – Adopt rather than adapt means:
  • Change Management effort reduced
  • Testing effort is reduced
  • Training effort reduced