SaaS Implementations

The important thing to remember with SaaS implementations is that the core functionality is provided to you over the internet via your web browser. As your implementation partner, Certus has no control over this core functionality. Put simply, we work in partnership with you to configure the application to meet your needs. This key principle means a different way of testing  SaaS applications from the way we would test “on premise” enterprise applications.

An analogy may make it easier to understand:

  • Buying a new home

When you decide to move to a SaaS application, such as an Oracle Cloud Application, it can be likened to buying a new-build home “off plan”. Oracle will build your new home with as many rooms as you have asked for. For example, a couple of rooms for HCM, one for ERP and maybe a couple for Taleo. That is all they will provide you with though. You will want to influence the layout of each room and how they might work for you such as installing your own choice of fixtures and fittings.

  • Interior design

To get the most from your new home, you have chosen an experienced interior design company, or in the SaaS world a “systems integrator” such as Certus. We work closely with you on a room by room basis to establish how you want to use that room. Does it need decorating a particular way? Do you need specific wiring connecting to external suppliers?

This research stage of the project, the “Prototype Demonstration” stage is where we capture all your requirements for your interior design and then carry out the work. Once it is all complete we will verify that it has been done to match your specifications in the “System Testing” stage. Is each room decorated in the way you requested? Are there connections to external systems? Can it be used in a way that you need?

This process will go through a number of cycles until we are all confident your new home will function as you need it to.

  • Connecting your home

The next step will be to connect your new home to external systems provided by other suppliers; the power station, water and gas company. Because we have completed the system testing and we are all happy with the configuration of your new home, we can begin connecting the wires and the pipes to the external systems that make your home run properly. We don’t need to test that the power station produces electricity, or that the water company purifies and recycles water efficiently – we know that works already. We do need to test the wires to and from the power stations, the pipes from the water main and the drainage to sewers though as these are new. We call this “Systems Integration Testing”, with the focus being on just the pipes and wires.

  • Moving you in

We now have a house that is decorated and has power and heat. All we need to do now is move you in. Before this can happen we need to check that we are able to move in all of your belongings, or data in this case. In the SaaS world, data migration routines will be run to load your data in the application. We carry out a series of assurance activities to verify that all of the data has been loaded correctly into the right place. Just as when you move home, all of your furniture can fit in to the right rooms. “Data Assurance” and “Payroll Assurance” would typically occur at this time, giving you the confidence that when you have moved in, everything you need will be there and working as it did before.

  • Getting the keys

Before you get the keys to your new home, we advise you to move in on a trial basis. Spend a month or so living in your new home to see how it works for you. We have checked the decoration, fixtures, fittings, wires and pipes but it’s not until you try to live in your new home that you will know for certain that everything is perfect. We call this “User Acceptance Testing”, the final stage of verification before your SaaS implementation goes live. This is your chance to test everything about your new home the way you want to test it. At Certus, we prefer to have very little influence in what you test here to make sure you find all of the snags, or “defects”, which will affect you after you have permanently moved in. We then put them right and work with Oracle, who built the house, on more complex fixes.

All you need to do is remember that we’re with you every step of the way to help you get the most from your new home.