Provide you with assurance to deliver your new Oracle® Cloud solution with engage™ Transition


engage transition

engage Transition is nearly the last phase of the end to end implementation where we assess whether the solutions meets your requirements before delivery into your live environment and into the final phase of engage support.

How do we do this?

The engage Transition stage will primarily focus on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which is undertaken by you. UAT testing provides the assurance that the product meets your organisation’s requirements and will provide assurance that we have delivered a product to your specification. For more information on all of the verification activities that take place in our Testing Management services.

What happens next?

Once you’re 100% satisfied with the solution we have built, we will initiate the transition into your live environment. We will work closely with your business to devise the best approach to which will cause the least disruption to your business, processes and practices. There will be a cutover phase where we will migrate the solution into your live environment, and then progression to making the system live for users.

The stages are:

  • Cutover
  • Go live Migration
  • Hypercare
  • Lessons learnt

What happens after Go Live?

After we’ve delivered your new product into the live environment, it will be ready for use, but we don’t just leave it there. You’ll receive full support with our hypercare team, followed by ongoing business support through our dedicated business support services team.