engage™ Technical will ensure that your data is correctly transformed into your Oracle® Cloud Solution


Certus Solutions provides a number of technical services to organisations that are taking their journey to the Oracle Cloud.    The key technical activities that occur during a project can be split into two areas:  Data Migration and Integration.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified Technical Consultants  are supported by a set of tools and techniques developed specifically for Oracle Cloud within our engage methodology.  Our team are committed to high quality delivery of all technical aspects of your Oracle Cloud implementation.

Data Migration

As with any large-scale IT systems project, the Data Migration activity is a crucial area to get right to ensure the overall project is successful.  Organisations often have a number of different legacy systems from which data must be extracted and loaded into the new system.   Migration activities include:

  • Data Cleansing, transformation and augmentation
  • Data Extraction and Mapping
  • Data Validation
  • Data Load

Data Integrations

Today, organisations face a very dynamic and fast paced environment of change that directly impacts their approach to achieve the set out goals or mission. Business integrations therefore has become the key catalyst for their growth and success. At Certus Solutions, we believe that a well-integrated system boosts the value of customer data, significantly reduces the gap between the different organization functions, harmonises business processes and reassures the flow of vital business data. Our integration strategy is based on three key pillars:

  • Integrate to Grow; (Flexibility of integrated systems to adapt to change)
  • Simple is Beautiful; (The quality of the integrations boosts the quality of the business)
  • Automate to flow; (Significantly reduce or eliminate the amount of manual  processes between applications

We have many years experience of delivering integrations across a wide variety of legacy systems and third party providers using the tools described above, with pre-built integrations to providers such as ADP, Northgate, Sage and many other less well known systems.  We have integrated with payroll and other third party solutions across much of the globe and as such you can be supremely confident in our ability to integrate Oracle Cloud with any in-house or legacy solutions that you may have in place.