engage™ Implementation is a holistic approach that addresses People, Process and Technology

Following your discovery phase, we will provide a comprehensive end-to-end service offering covering all the delivery elements required to deploy an Oracle® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll and Talent Management (Taleo) Cloud solutions.


A driving principle during the implementation phase is that the Cloud is a service that we can configure, but not customise the functionality. We recommend business change takes place early in the project, driving the message of adapting your business

What we do for you?

Our engage implementation service begins after the ‘Discovery’ phase has completed.  Our engage methodology for implementation is broken into three key stages:


Define stage is where our implementation consultants engage closely with you as a client to clearly define the requirements for the solution. Using the information gleaned from the Discovery phase, we configure our ‘standard’ solution and demonstrate the out of the box processes that are provided by the Oracle solution. We will run workshops to demonstrate the standard solution and use these to identify any potential gaps and start to gather the configuration requirements for the solution. We also start the process of understanding your data, integration and reporting requirements and will document our strategy and approach to these technical areas as well as providing templates for capture of data in preparation for migration activities.


The next stage of the process is very much iterative in nature, with the objective being to firm up the solution design. We run a number of Prototype Demonstrations where we will demonstrate the proposed solution to key stakeholders, SME’s and end users to ensure that the requirements identified in the Define stage are being met, and that the pre-delivered processes are fit for purposes. We will conduct a maximum of 3 prototype demonstrations, but this can be extended further if required. The approach is flexible and is intended to remove the chances of missing requirements. These prototype demonstration workshops are very much hands on in nature and by the end of the sessions, you should feel extremely comfortable with the application and the overall solution being proposed.


The final stage of this part of the project is all about the build of the solution ready for transition phase. The functional implementation team will take the finalised solution design and configure the system afresh with the agreed configuration. The technical team will take the functional specifications and build, document and unit test the technical deliverables. At this stage, it will be the clients responsibility to provide the final cleansed data ready for migration testing, system integration testing and reports testing. This will be undertaken by our testing management service.

What we provide to you through our engage implementation service:

  • We ultimately give you detailed insights into the Oracle ERP, HCM, Payroll and Talent Management Cloud applications, so you have greater knowledge.
  • Each stage of the implementation is supported by templates and accelerators that have been developed as part of the engage methodology to progress these activities rapidly and efficiently.
  • We will present you with ‘proof of value’ for your business through demonstrating the real difference that Oracle ERP, HCM, Payroll and Talent Management Cloud applications can deliver to your business.