Change Management is about the People side of change

Communicate – Engage – Respond – Train – Utilise – Strengthen

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”
– Charles Darwin

Change Management is all about how people adopt great solutions.

By providing effective Change Management practices along with Project Management and executive leadership, projects have a greater chance of achieving their business objectives, engaging employees, finishing on time and staying on budget.

Our Change Management approach for Cloud implementation is based on extensive research from Prosci® – a worldwide leader in business Change Management. Our certified Change Management resources apply change management methods and provide advice, guidance and best practice.

We provide support for your Change Management initiatives to ensure equal attention is applied to people side of change.

Change Management runs alongside each stage of our engage™ methodology. This will ensure your project can benefit from increased speed of adoption, utilisation and user proficiency – all leading to a faster return on investment.

Successful change is realised when:

  • Individuals can personally implement changes associated with new processes and technology successfully
  • The organisation achieves the benefits of the new processes and technology so that business objectives are met
  • Support is in place to strengthen these changes for continuous improvement

The benefits of implementing the people side of change include:

  • Managing projects faster with greater engagement and participation levels
  • Increasing proficiency by all individuals affected by the change
  • Achieving a faster ROI