Local Government – Delivering More for Less

Councils today are facing a tough and complex set of pressures facing cuts in funding whilst managing rising demand for services and the challenge of economic growth. Local authorities have responded decisively however with further spending cuts being inevitable new thinking is required to address the daily challenge of:

  • Spending Review Implementation and Management
  • Welfare Reform – Changing Individual’s Eligibility
  • Doing more for less – Restructuring Front Line Services and Improving Service Delivery
  • Increased Compliance and Financial Scrutiny
  • Complex Payrolls and Pension Arrangements
  • Leveraging existing assets to deliver more for less
  • Labour relations across diverse employee base

Despite privatisation of public services this will not be sufficient to tackle the complexity of problems and services required. The needs of citizens and communities will require co-ordinated services at a local level. However, this will require local government to rethink its revenue sources, a renegotiation of labour relations, and rebuilding citizens' views of community and society.

Most councils are faced with increasing need for reinvestment in resources and services, ranging from health and social care to education and infrastructure. In turn the fiscal crisis has forced a new conversation between council management and unions. However, as we move into a period of labour shortage, due to economic expansion combined with demographic changes and an aging population local government will need to demonstrate that it is an attractive employer. To do that local authorities will need to look again at employee relations, focusing on increasing its appeal to young employees and answering the challenge of flexibility and career development.

The need to identify, attract and retain talent will be vital to address the challenges Local Government faces today.

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