Financial Services – Supporting Economic Growth

A day doesn’t go by where the Financial Services industry both in the UK and globally does not appear in the media. Challenges faced are some of the most complex found in the business environment today and include, but are far from limited to:

  • Accounting StructuresFnancials Services
  • Tax Payer Bailouts
  • SME Agenda and a pressure to lend sensibly
  • Bad Debt Management
  • PPI Mis-selling
  • Corporate Governance
  • Industry Compliance & Regulation
  • De-mergers as an outcome of the banking crisis
  • Asset / Debt Ratio’s Management

and all under the constant gaze of Central Government pressure to play their role in repairing the economy and a sceptical public.

As a consequence the pressures of realigning front and back office integration in-line with business priorities is constantly on the agenda, with change being the only constant in this highly complex world. 

Certus has in-depth business knowledge of the Financial Services industry, specifically the Insurance market segment, which faces its own challenges in terms of risk management, compliance, claims management and product differentiation & innovation.

Naturally underpinning all of this is People, Process and Technology, arguably with People being the most important. The ability to identify, attract and retain talent is a key factor in delivering the outcomes the public demand of a competitive efficient and even empathic Financial Services industry.

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