Central Government – Tackling the Deficit

Central Government faces many pressures today as it tries endlessly to reduce the economic deficitcentral government through multiple initiatives outlined in the current spending review.

The sharing of back office functions across Whitehall departments through Shared Services is a key pillar in the fight to reduce the deficit by achieving sustainable savings and in doing so making Government efficient through the simplification and standardisation of back office services and functions. The government estimated that in 2009/10, around £2.5bn was spent on HR, Finance and Procurement functions across Central Government organisations, with considerable variation in expenditure and levels of service delivered.  

Government has long recognised the potential benefits of shared services to:

  • Reduce the Cost of Back Office Corporate Services via asset sharing (IT, buildings, resources, management) and minimised process cost
  • Drive Service Excellence by freeing the department to focus on core objectives and professionalising corporate service functions
  • Increase Operational Efficiency through better Management Information, improved benchmarking, comparable between organisations which could potentially drive up performance

A Rich Heritage

Certus has a long history and close association with the birth of Shared Services in Central Government with a number of the Executive Team having taken lead roles on the original HM Prison Service – Phoenix Programme (2005-2009). As a consequence Certus is well placed to advise, design and deliver Shared Services solutions across HR, Payroll, Training and Finance.

Certus is an approved supplier to Government Procurement Service with its services being available on ConsultancyOne Lot 3.2 HR and on GCloud III, 4 and 5.

To discover more as to how Certus Solutions can help please contact Mark Sweeny or Mary Thethi on +44 (0) 1483 610220 or email mark.sweeny@certus-solutions.com / mary.thethi@certus-solutions.com or find us by gcloud@certus-solutions.com

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