Service Design for HR, Payroll and Finance

Certus understands that technology, yes even Oracle technology!, is not the universal panacea to all the ills of a failing business process. The foundation stone of a corporate business process is Service Design and this fundamentally comprises two key elements:

  • How the Service will be delivered
  • and the Customer’s Experience

Business Process Re-engineering is so 1990’s!, today we talk about Customer Experience Transformation and naturally SaaS based solutions open up an entire new range of customer experiences and endless possibilities for service delivery of key back office processes where the role of the customer is paramount.

All Certus Consultant’s possess in-depth operational business knowledge in one or more areas of HR, Payroll and Finance and all recognise a number of factors influence service design these include, but are not limited to:

  • Customer Experience – “ease of use”
  • Service Channel – Consumer access (Phone, Fax, Email, Post, Self Service)
  • Criticality of business process to the Organisation
  • Criticality of the service to the end-user – “the customer”
  • Concept of Transactable or Non-Transactable transaction processing
  • Transaction volumes (automation of low complex; high volume transactions)
  • Security Protocols – Identification and Verification
  • Cost of implementation (budget available)
  • Cost of on-going service delivery
  • End-to-end processing timescales
  • Management information reporting (both locally and at a corporate level)

Finally sometimes technology doesn’t always provide the answer!

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