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“The Trouble with Talent” - the most written about HR topic today is just how do you identify, attractRequest a demo and retain leading talent and all at the right price point? The advent of “Corporate Moneyball” and living in a connected world where online mobile social media and virtual connections are incorporated into every aspect of our daily lives makes this an on-going challenge for business leaders, not forgetting the people involved themselves and their experience.  

The often used phrase “People are our business” requires more than lip service in the 21st Century. In a connected world where traditional recruitment has changed beyond all recognition, the end-to-end management of the talent supply chain is without doubt the leading business challenge in human capital management and tops the corporate agenda.

Discovery & Insight then on-going Execution with Oracle Taleo Cloud Services

The Oracle Taleo Cloud Services provides a platform of innovation and delivery capability to provide end-to-end answers for this problem for all sizes of organisations across all industries.

Oracle Taleo Cloud Services is the business solution for management of the talent supply chain, incorporating everything from social-sourcing, on-boarding, through to advanced talent management to ensure retention delivering embedded real time information to allow informed decisions to be made enabling an organisation to manage this most precious of corporate resources – its own talent. 

Taleo is recognised as the industry’s broadest cloud-based talent management platform and designed to give you maximum return on investment through the use of best-practice processes and real time delivery of business intelligence thereby allowing an organisation to truly discover and create fresh insight into where talent resides both inside and outside the boundaries of its business operation.

Enabled to Enhance Delivery Capability and Organisation Performance 

Regardless of organisation size across the spectrum the challenges of talent management are very real. Certus Solutions delivers Oracle Taleo Cloud Services to support all sizes of organisation through its engage® Service Wrap designed specifically to support the rapid delivery of business benefits, regardless of industry vertical including, but not limited to Central and Local Government, Wider Public Service bodies, Small and Large Multi-national companies covering Financial Services, Professional Services, Retail, Construction, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Entertainment.

Let’s engage® and Solve this together with Oracle Taleo Cloud ServicesRequest a Demo

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