engage® Discovery

engage® Discovery is a new innovative way of quickly educating prospects and clients in Oracle® Cloud Based Software as a Service (“SaaS”).

engage® Discovery is a deep dive capability assessment enabling the customer:

  • to understand specifically how Oracle HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications can be applied Engage® Discoveryto their operational environment to deliver rapid results and real business benefit.
  • to experience hands-on the Oracle product offerings and see live demonstrations tailored to your environment
  • to gain detailed insight into the product offerings and the elements that would form the pillars of a business case
  • to achieve a high degree of buy-in and support from business stakeholders
  • to equally understand both the challenges that exist withinO Accel4midsizecompanies Clr their own environment and the capabilities that can be leveraged to lead to a successful implementation.

engage® Discovery has been specifically designed to take a customer quickly from a place of little to no knowledge into the world of Oracle HCM. ERP and Cloud Applications ensuring that at the end of the engagement they are left with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts behind the solution set and how it can be used in their business to deliver real value quickly and effectively.

engage® Discovery engagement is designed to take place over a 12 day period. The exercise is condensed to ensure maximum focus is achieved by both the client and the Certus engagement team ensuring at the end of the engagement the client is left with sufficient information and knowledge that can lead to an informed decision and possible next step in terms of a “proof of value” engagement.

engage® Discovery engagement involves, but is not limited to:

  • a high level assessment of the current application landscape
  • product demonstrations through “hands-on” Cloud experience
  • identification of key business drivers and priorities for future
  • identification and examination as to how HCM. ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications benefits the customer’s specific business needs.
  • identification and examination of how HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications will affect the customer’s existing IT infrastructure.
  • Identification of high level Business Intelligence management information requirements
  • production of high level map of functional coverage by Cloud products/modules against a customers need.
  • an examination, assessment and proposal of deployment options: On-Premises; Co-Existence; Software as a Service.
  • share plans with Oracle Centre of Excellence (COE) for validation

The outcome from an engage® Discovery engagement will:

  • confirm the potential business need for Oracle HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications deployment
  • create awareness around the Oracle HCM, ERP applications and Taleo products providing alignment and clarity in thinking through hands-on customer experience.
  • promote client understanding around the fundamental principles of service delivery, promoting process alignment to industry best practices, facilitating informed decision making
  • improve shared understanding of Oracle Cloud Applications solutions
  • provide the foundations of a business case for a future implementation
  • look to lead the customer to a “proof of value”, demonstrating the real difference that HCM Cloud applications can deliver to the bottom line 

Engage® Discovery

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