engage® Service Wrap

To deliver 21st Century Cloud Based Software as a Service (“SaaS”) solutions requires a whole new way of thinking in terms of approach to implementation. Certus has been at the forefront in determining best practice in regard to achieving successful delivery of HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications, ensuring a low cost approach can be achieved in terms of both implementation and on-going support services, ensuring that the benefits stated and associated return on investment can be delivered whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

engage® Service Wrap

Certus Solutions’ engage® Service Wrap has been specifically designed for cloud service delivery for Oracle® HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications, focusing on high levels of client collaboration to ensure all opportunities for knowledge transfer are taken advantage of. As an Oracle Cloud Services Specialised Partner in Cloud Applications, our level of expertise is second-to-none and industry recognised. This has culminated in Oracle Corporation recognising engage® as an Oracle Accelerate solution for midsize companies.   

engage® Service Wrap

When engaging Certus you can expect: 

  • Understanding that any technology enabled implementation is still a business change programme that will materially impact front line business operations
  • Proven Delivery Teams that have in-depth industry business knowledge and track record of delivery thereby mitigating risk at every opportunity
  • An organisation that understands HR, Payroll, and Finance service delivery that’s puts  customers first
  • A confident and trusted advisor that will make every effort to understand your business and how Cloud Services can drive your competitive advantage
  • “Keep It Simple”Approach delivering rapid design, configuration and deployment delivering improved process efficiency, simplification and reduced cost of ownership
  • Deep product expertise in Oracle Cloud Applications and Taleo technology platform
  • Transparency of investment required upfront so you can measure Return On Investment
  • On-going Business Support long-term consultancy, advice and application optimisation on tap as and when required and capable of supporting your business as it changes and grows 

engage® comprises of a comprehensive “service wrap” designed to specifically deliver, deploy and provide on-going support for Oracle HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications. The service wrap comprises six key elements that can be purchased individually or collectively: 

  • engage® Discoveryengage® Service Wrap
  • engage® Implementation Services
  • engage® Testing Services
  • engage® Data Migration Services
  • engage® Training Services
  • engage® Business Support Services

Overarching fundamental principles of engage® with Oracle HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications:

  • is a “service” that is purchased and not a software that can be heavily customized.
  • promotes process alignment to industry best practices using standard solution templates
  • acknowledgement that gaps in service design still require a solution to enable service delivery
  • there is a business change element required to support any change to service delivery
  • education and knowledge transfer to the client is key
  • iterative functionality deployment maximising return on investment in the shortest possible timescale demonstrating the benefits of cloud technology to the front line

Certus is committed to releasing regular revisions of the engage® service wrap as the product continues to mature and we take advantage of our further experience of Oracle HCM, ERP and Taleo Cloud Applications implementations over time. We are committed to existing and new clients continually being positioned to take advantage of our experience and learning encapsulated in our methodology, tools and professional services offerings and can therefore be assured that engage® has longevity as a product and service offering in its own right.   


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