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Testing ServicesEven in the world of Software as a Service (SaaS), testing is still a key element of any implementation, specifically Systems Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Assurance and for payroll implementations Parallel Pay Testing. Certus provides a comprehensive end-to-end ISO9001 compliant managed testing service for Oracle® HCM Cloud Applications that can be accessed by the client on a utility basis if required.

Certus managed testing services provides mature best practice testing processes without the delay of defining test processes and producing test artifacts from beginning to end. Certus provides ready-to-use templates, processes and tools pre-configured to operate proven mature testing processes. This avoids up front delays and costs in set up and re-invention of processes and tools to manage the test lifecycle. The capacity can scale to meet each projects or programmes need ensuring a pragmatic, risk based approach to testing so the cost of quality is not disproportionate to the overall cost of the programme.

Testing Services include:

  • End-to-end Test Management and Control
    • Certus Solutions manage the testing lifecycle within a programme, this includes:
      • Organisation / Planning / Authoring / Execution / Reporting
    • Certus Test Managers have many years’ experience in the test management of large business change projects and Programmes, using historical analysis Certus will produce our templated ISO9001 compliant Testing Strategy, tailored to each individual customer, to ensure complete transparency in the way the test lifecycle will be managed and controlled. Using risk based analysis, testing objectives are aligned to the overall Programme and Business objectives which assists “testing out” the main risks to the programme.

    • Objective and accurate metrics and information will be documented and collected to mitigate risks, issues and achieve milestones throughout project lifecycle which significantly increases overall control over the programme ensuring our clients have confidence knowing the risk prior to live implementation
  • Test Planning and Preparation
    • Certus Solutions produce templated test plans for each testing phase of the programme with plans aligned to the type of testing phase, for example user acceptance test plans are produced on a detailed daily basis for each individual tester, as Certus recognises this mitigates live business operational need, which can be planned in accordance with user acceptance testing, whereas system integration test plans are produced on a higher level.

  • Development of Test Suite for all testing phases
    • Certus has developed a number of test scripts and user cases covering a wide range of Oracle Cloud functions and business processes, which can then be tailored to individual customer’s requirements. All test artifacts are produced from a business perspective; this ensures our customers fully understand each testing phase.

    • All test artifacts are reusable by our customers as a legacy regression test suite to use on further enhancements, upgrades and implementations.

  • Test Execution
    • Certus delivery capability extends across all phases of testing including, but not limited to:
      • Static Analysis
      • System Integration Testing
      • Non Functional Testing; Performance, Load and Stress
      • User Acceptance Testing
      • Data Assurance
      • Parallel Pay Testing
    • Using knowledge from previous implementations Certus has a detailed understanding of complex and problematic functional areas and can therefore ensure testing is performed early on reducing the risk of finding major issues too late in the project lifecycle for resolution, prior to implementation.

  • Defect Management & Control
    • Certus’ defect management process has been improved over many projects and is highly effective and efficient. It ensures that accurate and efficient metrics can be reported on whilst ensuring defects are resolved as quickly as possible.

    • Certus uses Smartbear QA Complete to manage and control defects which mean customers’ projects can be tailored individually to obtain the right metrics for each individual project or programme.

    • Certus facilitates the customer to have direct access to our hosted version of Smartbear QA Complete as part of the managed service solution.

  • Management Dashboard
    • Certus produce a Management Dashboard for each phase of the testing lifecycle, with pre-defined key test metrics to manage the testing programme, additional test metrics key to each customer can be easily configure within the dashboard.

    • Certus test Management Dashboard also includes an end-to-end Traceability Matrix which tracks the lifecycle of each and every individual requirement from requirement definition, to design, build, system integration test and user acceptance test.

  • End Stage Assessment Reporting
    • Certus produce an End Stage Assessment Report at the end of each phase of testing and also at the end of the testing lifecycle, these document the actual occurrences of the testing against planned, defects and issues found and those that are still outstanding, complex and problematic functional areas for future implementations and ultimately the risk of proceeding to the next stage of the project lifecycle.

Our goal is to ensure our customers have complete transparency in the testing and ultimately confidence in knowing how the solution is going to behave and the associated risks prior to live implementation.

Scope of the engagement, deliverable acceptance criteria and associated timelines are to be determined and agreed between Certus and the client before commencement of service delivery.

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