Change It’s Simple – It’s all about the People

Let’s cut to the chase and keep this simple. Business Change is all about people, it’s about the people that affect change, and it’s about the people who the change affects.

Business Change

Certus fundamentally believes that no technology projects exist, only business change projects do. This is reflected in our engage® Service Wrap, where the change management of implementing SaaS solutions takes centre stage and is accelerated upfront.

Certus is unique in that it has the capability to provide the full business change experience supporting the associated technology deployment. Usually the change management element of a technology project is left to a Tier 1 consultancy, or sometimes even overlooked completely by the client.

Certus can guide the client through the stages of the change management process using our proven simplified approach focusing upon focuses five work streams of activity:

  • Service Transition
  • People Transition
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Benefits Realisation Tracking

Key objectives being:

  • Provide the business with clarity and confidence in the new delivery model
  • Why? Business rationale and simple design principles
  • What? What will be delivered (at all levels), how is it accessed, how does this differ from today and what does the business need to do?
  • When? - One integrated roll-out plan for accessing new services
  • Who? - Roles and Responsibilities
  • Ensure customers are able to operate in the new ways of working
  • Validation of a service that is Operationally focused, viable and policy compliant
  • Scenario based impact assessment for all key stakeholder groups
  • Area/local change plans based on impact that caters for both transition and new world
  • Core education programme with common framework but tailored and delivered locally
  • Integrated audience/impact based communication programme
  • Enable the business operation to set and meet its customers’ service expectations
  • Clear service proposition, service specification and service baselineAgreed responsibilities for effective knowledge transfer
  • Agreed governance model for post launch operations
  • Manage the transition to ensure minimal disruption to the business
  • Assess change readiness
  • Identify and manage framework for interim resourcing
  • Plan and manage framework for people transition
  • Manage cut-over framework for work and people
  • Identify and track realisation of benefits
  • Confirm final operating model
  • Identify intangibles & agree measures

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